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 water collecting in forword bildge
  3/13/2014 6:45:29 AM   Posted by: aftershock

I have a 2006 25' O/S water seems to collect in front part of bildge. Sometimes its maybe a couple
gallons never enough to set off forward bildge pump. I sponge it out and it comes back. It is salt water
so its entering from somewhere just cant figure from where. Other puzzling thing is why only certain
amount I would think if its from a fitting it would continue until it was high enough top set off bildge pump.
Just wanting to know if anyone has similar problem, or any suggestions what may be causing this.

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 Wanted to buy 1998 or 1999 30 Express
  2/20/2014 11:51:53 PM   Posted by: anthem

with Cummins Diesels. Budget is mid 50's. Please email me @anthem4 at gmail dot com.

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 How do you remove the microwave in a 3000 Express
  1/27/2014 6:53:15 AM   Posted by: Kevin

I have a 1998 3000 Express in which the microwave oven control pad has quit working. I've been trying to remove the microwave to replace it but so far have not gotten it out. It appears the next step will damage either the cabinetry or the microwave itself. I've contacted the factory and there's no one still working in the plant who installed cabinets/microwaves back in 1998, so they don't know the procedure to get it out. It appears the opening infront of the microwave is smaller than the microwave itself (the unit is loose in the opening ..I can slide it 1/8 to 1/4 inch left and right and forward/back) leading me to think the microwave was placed in the cabinet and then the cabinet was mounted in the boat. Has anyone been down this road and have suggestions as to how to remove the microwave. Thanks, Kevin in Naples, FL

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 Panel switch labels
  1/26/2014 8:51:02 AM   Posted by: Endeavor

All my panel switches are blank, apparently the labels have faded out completely. Any suggestions for stencils for new labels or new label applied to the switch plate?

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 2 - Pursuit Boats owner's manuals: 3000 Express, 3000 Offshore - $25 - Free shipping!
  1/26/2014 6:54:38 AM   Posted by: sstarnes

2 - Pursuit Boats owner's manuals.

Reprint from laser copier. Single page. New condition. Nice spiral binding.

Heavy plastic front and back.

=== Models ===

*3000 Express.

*3000 Offshore.

Unused condition. I kept these at home to use for reference.

$25 with free shipping.

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