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 2460 Denali
  9/5/2014 10:04:24 AM   Posted by: dorado1045

I have a 2001 2460 Denali with 5.7 l Mercruiser and Bravo III outdrive. I has not been used much the last 2 years and attempted to use this year. On the first trip out ran fine all day except for the last hour. The engine died , visual inspection showed the water pump pulley not turning. Got towed in. After trailering the boat home proceeded to remove the water pump(both), the exhaust manifolds and risers. Observed some rust that may be clogging the water path thru the manifold. Replaced both manifolds, risers, water pumps, and thermostat housing and thermostat. Attempted to start boat in the driveway, would not consistently turn over. After a day or 2 of playing with it, removed the port manifold and looked at the starter. There was a broken standoff for the low voltage connection on the starter, replaced starter. Boat turns over consistently now. However, it will not consistently run, sometimes it runs and sometimes it will not. One thing for sure, if I drop it in the water it will not start, all the time. I need some suggestions as to what may be wrong. I am thinking about changing the fuel pump and the fuel pressure switch. Any ideas!!!!!!

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 New Pursuit Owner.
  9/3/2014 9:11:45 AM   Posted by: heronflyer

Hello From Vancouver, B.C. Canada.
We recently purchased a 2008 Pursuit 285 OS, with Twin 4 Stroke Yamaha 250 Hp, from Sanibel Island, Florida. Then had it shipped, all the way out to the West Coast of Canada.
Our boat is called BIG FISH 1, after the movie Bjg Fish, by Tim Burton. It tells the story of the relationship, between a Father and his Son.
" There are some fish that cannot be caught. It's not that they are faster or stronger than the other fish, they're just touched by something extra. "
Big Fish was my wife's favorite movie and it was her idea to name the boat Big Fish, in memory of my Father.
We dedicated our boat and named it in honor of my late Father, who passed away last year. Our relationship in a lot of ways, was like the one in the movie Big Fish. This was the last movie that we watched together.
The Pursuit Boat's are very rare to find on the West Coast, however they are an excellent Boat for the typical Pacific Coast weather.
We choose to Register my Boat with Transport Canada, in which case you receive a Certificate of Registration, from the Canadian Government . This allows you to officially fly the Canadian National Flag. Your boat and name gets automatically registered with the Canadian Coast Guard. You do not have to have the typical license numbers displayed on your boat. You just have to have displayed on the stern,
" PORT OF VANCOUVER, B.C. " Your name gets registered with Transport Canada. It costs $250 CDN. and is entirely voluntary. However it is compulsory for all commercial boats. This is an alternative to getting a boat license.
I have been a member of The Royal Vancouver Yacht Club for 10 years and my boat is moored at The RVYC Coal Harbour, Vancouver, B.C. Which is Downtown Vancouver and adjacent to Stanley Park.
We purchased the boat for fishing and cruising, with our family, therefore the Pursuit 285 OS, is the perfect boat.
Salmon Fishing on the West Coast is a great passion of ours.
We look forward to being a part of the proud Pursuit Boat Owners.

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  8/14/2014 4:14:11 AM   Posted by: rkool

My 1988 Pursuit 2200 cc originally had a Wavegate. Some may call it a wave guard. The previous owner removed it and doesn't have it anymore. I'm looking for specs and/or pics that would help me replace it. I know it's made from teak, and that's what I'm going to use to restore it. I also know it had a piano hinge running the length of the gate. Can anyone help?

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 Pursuit 2200 cc
  8/14/2014 4:08:00 AM   Posted by: rkool

My name is Bob, and my wife and I just purchased a 1988 Pursuit 2200, center console. It has the original motor: 175 h.p. Evinrude. Runs fabulous. The boat has some cosmetic work, most noticeably the teak. I hope to get some help here as I restore her to top condition. Thanks.

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  8/7/2014 6:03:47 PM   Posted by: Don't Blink

Has anyone changed their original exterior upholstery to a different color or style? I would like to see it if possible. C250

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