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Fusion Stereo - Replacing Clarion - 3070 Express

Discussion of batteries, chargers, wiring, generators, distribution panels, battery switches, etc.

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Fusion Stereo - Replacing Clarion - 3070 Express

Postby KyleBrakne » Sun Apr 26, 2020 2:28 pm

Hey Team

This may be a silly question, but want to make sure I don't damage anything.

I notice when I am replacing the old Clarion Stereo Controller (not the amp), there was a Yellow Wire (15amp high power - with a 15AMP fuse on the wire, prior to reaching the stereo), as well as a Red Wire (1amp - with a 1amp fuse on the wire, prior to reaching the stereo). The red wire is the controller for power on, and off, and the yellow wire is the high power for memory, etc etc..... The red wire definitely goes to the cabin DC circuit board, and when I flick the switch (STEREO) the amp AS well as the Stereo Controller would turn on and off. Standard.

However - With the Fusion Stereo - RA-70 - There is only one red wire from the stereo that is suppose to connect to both the yellow (15amp) and the red (1amp) at the same time......

See below for instructions from the Fusion Website:

"The Red wire may also be connected together with the yellow wire if you are supplying power through a switch panel capable of 15A or if a battery isolator is used to disconnect the battery when not in use."

Now maybe I'm crazy, but that just does not make sense to me, it will blow the 1amp fuse immediately if I connect all three together.

The Fusion amp works without the 1amp stereo wire connected (the power switch from breaker). However I really want that feature back.

Fusion support recommended I just change the 1amp fuse to 15amp fuse on the red wire that is from the switch panel.

Will this damage anything on the circuit side of the pursuit boat? Is the switch panel capable of 15AMP> I can't find anything in the manual about the switch panel.

Again might be a stupid question but wanted to check. Thanks for your help!

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